Niraivagam Offers You These Specialized Services

For General Public

Counselling and Psychotherapy for anxiety, depression, trauma, etc.

Counselling for family, marriage and relationship issues

Aptitude and capacity assessment for career and Job-related issues

Effective parenting and family guidance workshops

For Educational Institutions

Training teachers to address educational and behavioural issues among students

Remedial Centre for students with learning disabilities

Assessment of IQ and EQ for higher education and career options

Appointment of professional counsellors in schools and colleges

Employability and soft-skills training for students; dissertation assistance for postgraduates and doctoral students

For Religious Institutions

Personality assessment and suitability testing for religious vocation

Counselling skills workshop and training

Group work and group therapy for personal and team growth

Workshops on psychosexual integration and celibate maturity

Psycho-spiritual retreats 

For Professional Institutions

Workshops on stress management

Work-life balance workshops

Human capital training

Performance enhancement training and more….